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Mark Wilson Ramsay

A proud father, husband and veteran who explores ethics, people, technology and business – and occasional board sports – from Birmingham, UK

I create motivation and purpose within teams. Priorities such as to keep my feet dry are less important now; but having managed multiple workstreams, team members and talent across a corporate organisation, the right behaviours, example and values make a difference. If you have a sports team, I would be the player that glues people together, week in, week out.

Being 26 and after having travelled the globe in pursuit of fresh snow, I wanted more challenge and adventure so joined the British Army. Not just that, I walked up the steps of Sandhurst; a military leadership and management academy for young British Army Officer hopefuls.

If there is one thing I remember from Sandhurst, it was the lack of sleep and a need to be motivated. On many early mornings, rain-soaked, freezing cold, and about to start another day I contemplated what it would be like to quit. But despite these thoughts and many others, the physical and mental fatigue, Haribo induced sugar rushes, I stayed because I saw a purpose. The people in any business are by far the greatest asset if motivated. I remain this person still.

I am well-versed in cultural change, process improvement, and strategy development. I also use my knowledge of diverse cultures, negotiation, motivational techniques and analysis to exceed commercial expectations. Moreover, I offer time pro bono as a mentor, consultant or coach.

If you are interested in a conversation, coffee and to talk shop please feel free to ask. If by chance we can compare notes on learning from different cultures, again I would be pleased to hear from you.

“Life consists not in holding good cards, but in playing those you hold well.”

  • I search for meaningful projects that will educate and leave a lasting legacy.
  • I am an occasional speaker at schools, local fund-raiser and occasional volunteer for local charities.
  • I am an avid reader (lately more so). From Orwell’s dystopian world in 1984, leadership lessons such as General Petraeus ‘Tell me how it ends?’ to latest business books, such as the ‘Lean Startup’, everything that may be a useful learning tool.
  • I love to travel; mountains, lowlands to distant lands.  I will finish a trek on Wainwright’s Coast-to-Coast path but have walked across Hadrian’s Wall, led a cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats and latterly compete in a variety of endurance competitions.
  • I am a lapsed student. Post completion of my MBA, the MSc objective has slowed. It takes grit and determination.