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Mark Wilson Ramsay

Proud veteran who explores ethics, people, technology and business – and occasional board sports – from Birmingham, UK

“Life consists not in holding good cards, but in playing those you hold well.”

After obtaining the Queens’ Commission from Sandhurst, two tours in Afghanistan, and countless roles, I leave the British Army as a proud father, husband and son.

I started my career in dealing with people and their IT. I’ve since developed and refined my approach through coaching, mentoring and management knowledge. Early roles in the travel, retail and professional service sectors, gave me experience that I lean on still. My military career gave me an incredible, global and vital sense dealing with technology and people. From dealing with high-risk situations in Afghanistan to deploying an Armoured Unit of 160 people across Salisbury Plain, it was an amazing education. After 9 years with a host of fabulous people in the British Army, I leave now to pursue a life less ordinary.

  • I have a global perspective, as a Manager, Leader and Project and Programme Management Specialist. Most recently in large-scale, technology, business and change projects.
  • I search for meaningful projects that use digital, information systems and technology to make a measurable difference.
  • I am an occasional speaker at schools, local fund-raiser and Lions Club volunteer.
  • I am an avid reader (lately more so). From Orwell’s dystopian world in 1984, leadership lessons such as General Petraeus ‘Tell me how it ends?’ to latest business books, such as the ‘Lean Startup’, everything that may be a useful learning tool.
  • I love to travel; mountains, lowlands to distant lands.  I will finish a trek on Wainwright’s Coast-to-Coast path but have walked across Hadrian’s Wall, led a cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats and latterly compete in a variety of endurance competitions.
  • I am a determined student. Trying to complete both an MBA and MSc simultaneously takes grit and determination.