A Junior Officers Transition from the Military. What did I learn?

or me, I spent over the year in what felt like no-mans land between the security blanket of the Army and finding a new career. These select lessons are in no specific order but could be useful if you are considering or in resettlement yourself. As with most moral military projects, this has been my opportunity to review my year in a cathartic document. In turn, I believe it can help others that may find themselves in a similar position in the future.

15 lessons and ideas from life in a corporate enterprise

In these lessons, we covered a variety of topics. These include…


Understand a purpose
Be explicit with what you say
Encourage good habits
Avoid template actions
Challenge Preconceptions
Know the expectations
Set prioritised and realistic objectives

Simplify volume
Be Selective
Protect your attention
You need to rest
Find a mentor
Protect your time
Identify your own rewards
Use checklists and process flows